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Birth date –November 5, 1974
born in Houston, Texas
Arrested – January 5, 1996

On New Year`s Ever 1995, as people all across Houston celebrated the coming of a new year, a tragic crime was being committed.

At approximately 2:30 in the morning a man in the front pasanger seat of a DARK-colored 4-door car fired 8 shots from a AK-47 semiautomatic rifle into a crowd of young people outside a house in SouthWest Houston. Two people, 9-year old David Rodriguez and his 15year old sister Diana Rodriquez were both fatally shot, while a third young lady was seriously wounded.

Police investigators who arrived on the scene found 8 fired cartridges scattered on the street, with bullet-strike marks on the front door and wall, and holes in 2 cars parked at the residence.

Although there was a street light nearby, no one at the crime scene could identify the perpetrator.

The owner of the house, who was the uncle of the two Rodriquez children, told the police that his house had been the target of previous crimes by the LRZ-13 gang because his daughter was dating a possible gang member from a rival gang.

The arrest….

On January 5th. 1996 Tony (Anthony) Medina was arrested. Tony Medina was first arrested for allegedly running a stop sign, then later charged with a un-related probation violation. On January 12, 1996, after other gang members gave statements pointing to Mr. Medina, he was charged with Capital Murder in  this crime.

The murder weapon…

On March 7, 1996, acting on a tip, the police searched property next-door to a female gang member of the LRZ-13 gang. They discovered 2 semi-auto matic rifles wrapped in plastic bags buried in the field. Finger-print testing identified the only print as a palm print belonging to Dominic Holmes, a LRZ-13 gang member.


The conviction

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