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I can not count how many times I have been asked by someone writting to me, „how can I help you?“ This is a hard question for someone like me to answer, as I do not at the moment have a broad foundation established. We are working on it. And I need your help.

I need ideas that individuals can do for small fundraisers and to help get my message out. I am really seeking to make contact with someone from the advertising world, who would be willing to help me with ideas and putting together plans…

Please, if any of you would be willing, I would like to hear from you, if you know of someone in the advertising world, or a professional fundraiser, speak with them about my case and ask them to look at my website so they can decide if they would help me.

I am working with all of my solid supporters to come up with ideas and plans that can be shared with everyone and put to use…

April 2008 TONY MEDINA

However, we need more support and we are asking you to do something good, namely using the link ( ) and banners to create more awareness.

- You can help to support by giving print copies of one of these flyers and give them to family members, friends and co-workers and ask them to get involved

- You can help to support by showing your support in our work.

- You can help to support by using your media contacts.

- You can help to support by giving a small financial donation -Reference: Anthony Medina.


there are so many ways to show your support....


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