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A fundraiser has been set up in order to help with funeral expenses.
Should you wish to contribute please do so here:

 For cards and letters please use the following address:

Dedicated 2 Change e.V.
Postfach 2061
92662 Altenstadt

To all who knew Sandie....She was my dear friend...& I miss her so much...but now her Family could use your help. Burials have gotten very expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sandie has worked tirelessly for many years now,trying to stop the Death Penalty. She really tried to convince me that because my Son ,Tony is Innocent...that someday we would see him released from that concrete box they make him live in. Sandie wanted to be with me when that happened. Now she'll be with me my heart! She was a very Special Lady who will Never be forgotten!! My thoughts & prayers go out to her Family...especially Tasha & Kye. Always know how much your Mum loved y'all!! And how very Proud she was of you two!! If you ever need me...just let me know!! I could never repay Sandie for all She's done for my Son & I !!!! She now holds a very Special place in my heart. Please HELP if you can !

Always...Golda Medina

The sudden death of Sandie hurt us all very deeply.
Our sincere condolences are going to her family and friends.

Sandie (Sandra Woolmington) was not only a wonderful daughter, mother, grandma and friend but also an incredible activist against the death penalty. For many inmates she has been their voice on the outside, her activism went far beyond compassion regardless of her own physical problems, a woman who deserves our utmost respect. She took on every fight but lost the one for her own life! On Dec 11th 2013 Sandie passed away....the world is crying. Sandie welcomed everyone and always had time to listen. She didn’t want any attention or to be in the spotlight- she just wanted to save lives. She spent many days and nights offering people behind bars her voice love and energy, she put her own needs and wishes aside just to spend some hours with others in need. She travelled all around the world to be able to listen to others and personally help them. I will never forget her infectious laughter while spending time on the phone with her, or her endless support for Tony Medina as well as our personal telephone conversations. She always has been there for me to give me advice.
THANK YOU for allowing me to get to know you.
THANK YOU for all you have done, for your friendship, love and energy.
We will never forget you!  Rest In Peace!

Tony Medina, Ilona Leverenz

I met Sandie online many years ago, we hit it off from the very 1st conversation, we have shared happy times sad times good and bad times. Sandie had such a big heart and also personality she really was one of a kind . Sandie came to stay with me for a weekend; we had a great time together. Sandie was a very special person and has a special place in my heart.... I love you Sandie and will miss you so will never be forgotten

xxx Your friend, Sue

I have met Sandie online on Myspace many, many years ago. After exchanging the first two messages with each other the first phone call followed. From that day on we have been on the phone daily for the past years. Her laughter was so infectious there was no way you wouldn’t laugh with her from deep within! If I had to describe Sandie then this would end up in a mile long article. I can only say that she meant the world to me. She became a part of my family and I had the pleasure to become part of hers. Now our daily phone calls are gone and it is hard to deal with not having her around, but the memories we share I will always keep alive and in my heart. Her activism and fight against the death penalty and also the tireless work she put into helping the guys in prison went beyond everything I have ever witnessed! She will be missed by so many! San is leaving a huge space in my life that NO ONE will ever be able to fill! You will live on in my heart, San!

I love you! Your friend, Eve



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