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A Innocent on Death Row
The history of Tony Medina

Almost 387 Men are on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit in Texas. One of these men is Tony Medina. Tony Medina, is the 38 years old father of three children. He has been incarcerated on Death Row for the past 17 years. Tony was sentenced to die by lethal injection for a brutal drive-by shooting which left two children dead at a family party.

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• Was Tony Medina really the perpetrator?

• Many facts suggest he was not the murderer.

• There are many indications that the investigations and his actual trial proceedings were handled negligently and improperly by the defense.

• The palmprints found with the murder weapon that can be presumed to be those of the murderer were not Tony Medina’s

• A witnesses, who lives near the crime scene, can testify he saw two black men shooting a rifle infront of his house seconds before the drive-by occured. Tony Medina is a light-skinned mexican-American.

• Witness statements confirm that Tony Medina was not at the scene during the crime. Rather he was at a party with friends miles away.

• Many other important witnesses were never called before the court because the District Attorney withheld crucial evidence from the defense.

• The judge who presided over the Trial proceedings was not, at the time, sworn in as a judge. Further more, one of the jury members had previous criminal convictions, which by law should have barred her from jury selection.

On November 21st., 2001 Tony's appeal attorney file his writ of habeas corpus in the State district court. On the 16th of September 2009, the court rejected the appeal. There was no justification for this purpose. Jim Marcus and Robert McGlasson, two very good lawyers, have taken over the appeal in front of the federal supreme court, and submitted a new vocation on 05.31.2011.

Interview with the Lawyer Morris Moon at RMN Radio on December 19th 2006

In December 2006 a singer-songwriter represented by the VIL publishing house released the song "Justice for the innocent" in support of Tony Medina. Peter Rupprecht was a well-known singer-songwriter during the 1990s and toured with the bands “Sweet” and “Deep Purple.” On December 31, 2006, this song was aired on a Texas radio station for Tony Medina.

To be successful in obtaining justice for Tony, who needs the support of as many important and influential people as possible, We would be honored if you could see your way to supporting us.

Peter Rupprecht has composed and recorded a song in support of Tony Medina:

"Justice for the innocent"

Maxi CD
Sample 1
Sample 2
Title : 1. " justice for the innocent " 4:57
Title : 2. " Just take my heart " 3:62
Length : 8:19 min.





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